This degree focuses mainly on areas such as graphic, editorial, publishing and virtual design as well as the production and management of graphic and graphic-related industries making use of advanced technologies and multimedia and integrating technical, productive, aesthetic and market activities. A great emphasis is given to advanced technologies both in the design and production sectors.

With the degree, students acquire a number of varied competencies both at academic, instrumental, interpersonal and systemic level (communication and representation skills, not only in the traditional areas of design, but also in the digital and multimedia domains: knowledge of production planning and organization; quality control and management; conceptual and operative mastering of technological tools; use of desktop publishing software; vector drawing; image processing; web design; multimedia; operative mastering of materials, processes and various preprinting, printing and postprinting techniques; leadership and cooperation skills; overall vision capacity in design and graphic technologies, among others).

Degree plan

1st year / 1st semester   1st year / 2nd semester
Curricular units ECTS   Curricular units ECTS
Drawing 3.0   Graphic Culture History 5.5
Introduction to Graphics Applications 5.0   Image Analysis 4.0
Visual Perception Psychology 5.5   Applied Chemistry 5.0
Art and Communication History 4.0   Colour Physics 3.0
Image Processing 5.0   Graphic Design I 5.5
Graphic Reproduction Technology and Photography 1
Theoretical; Typography; Engraving; Photography
7.5   Prepress Technology 1
Photomechanics; Text/Image; Assembly
2nd year / 1st semester   2nd year / 2nd semester
Curricular units ECTS   Curricular units ECTS
Quantitative Methods 5.5   Quality Control 5.0
Production Management 4.0   Multimedia Design I 5.0
Comunication Ergonomics 4.0   Packaging 4.5
Graphic Design II 5.5   Graphic Design III 5.5
Design Theory 4.0   Image Preparation 3.0
Printing Technology I 1
Proofing/ Photochemical Forme Making; Offset Printing
7.0   Printing Technology II 1
Offset Printing; Screen Printing; Pad-transfer Printing
3rd year / 1st semester   3rd year / 2nd semester
Curricular units ECTS   Curricular units ECTS
Quality and Environment Management 4.0   Business Administration 6.0
Graphic Design IV 5.0   Multimedia Design III 5.0
Multimedia Design II 5.5   Budgeting Techniques 5.0
Printing Technology III 1
Screen Printing; Digital Printing
7.0   Organizational Behavior 6.0
Postpress Technology 5.5   Binding and Treatment of Graphic Items 6.0
Marketing 3.0   Final Project 3.0
1st year | 2nd year | 3rd year
1 Polyhedral Curricular Unit.
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Specific Entry Subjects (one of the following):

  • 03 Drawing;
  • 10 Descriptive Geometry;
  • 12 Culture History and Arts.

Regional preferences (30% of vacancies):

  • Leiria;
  • Lisbon;
  • Portalegre;
  • Santarém;
  • Setúbal.

Initial vacancies: 45                  * This course in the official site of Acesso ao Ensino Superior

Career opportunities

The Design and Graphic Arts Technology degree delivers:

  • Professionals for graphic companies: advanced staff for production,
    commerce, quality, planning, budgeting and supplying areas;
  • Graphic design professionals: graphic designer, webdesigner and
    multimedia designer.

Academic Work

Academic Work for the Community


ARTEC - Graphic Arts Simposium

The ARTEC arose from the desire to disseminate the course of Design and Technology Graphic Arts, from the first group of bachelor finalists. This initiative was encouraging, both for teachers as students. Their acceptance in the middle, allows for the continuity of the event. Still remains the same spirit of discovery. It's a strong motivation for for all students, the possibility to rely on the knowledge of good professionals, who's contribute allow so much clarification.


Workshop's held during the school year

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